Una storia

Perfect family nest


Bureau Slovo


Sergey Krasuk

Happy stylist

Anna Babenko

Moscow, 75.5 m2

This apartment is perfect for a couple. Located in the city center, it provides a cozy and quiet atmosphere for spending evenings together and enjoying weekend lunches. The apartment boasts plenty of natural light and fresh air.

The homeowner's dream of living in the heart of the city has come true. With the help of a designer and our stylist, they have created a peaceful corner to call their own.

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Artdevivre / Dom Farfora / Ceramics by Natalia Bedredinova / Treez collection / Enere / Flat / Farol / Ceramics by Svetlana Levadnaya / Painting by Maria Budushchikh / Paintings by Tatiana Kirikova / Engravings / L'Appartement / Izzi decor / Pinetti / Amalia home

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