We care about creating an atmosphere at your home

Interior decoration

We make full decoration: starting from the choice of furniture, art-objects and carpets to practical objects, the arrangement of space and floristics.

We complement the interior with the essential items that help the interior look more vivid and bright, make it expressive and charismatic and add coziness

a couple of vases with flowers
a group of colorful objects
a group of objects next to each other
a group of statues in a room
How do we work?

First of all, we make a preview. It shows the concept with images and examples of how we propose to work out each zone and what items we will implement.

Then there is the development of the concept with prices, sizes and options. We bring catalogs, samples, decor options. So you can choose whatever you like, keep it, and return the items which don’t feet

Then we refinish functional little things

Furniture and light Selection

We can select light, furniture, art, decor from stock or for your personal order from leading factories according to your preference

This service implies: concept of lighting, professional measurements, sample selection,checking all orders and delivery

complectation composition
a group of rocks
a group of red flowers


There are professional florists in our team. We can create landscape design projects, help the client to select houseplants, decorate an office or a shopping center with living plants and flowers.

Before the selection of plants we analyze the space, the amount of sunlight, the level of illumination in the place, the client's wishes, and the style direction of the interior.

The plants are chosen from the best greenhouses. We also provide a two- weeks guarantee service: the florists observe the plants and, if something is wrong, we replace the plant with a new one for free. We also offer a monthly service with florists visiting to irrigate and replant your plants.

a plant in a pot
a statue of a person holding a bucket
a man holding a potted plant


We offer a full range of textile: curtains, bed linen, bedspreads, decorative textiles. Textile might be personalized, it might also have an embroidery. The customer can either buy it from stock or order.

Three partnership productions, many years of experience in cooperation, quality control of the product and services before installation or delivery of products to the customer.

a couch with a bag and pillows
a couch with pillows

SET styling

One of the styling trends of our studio is SET styling.

We create modern visual content for brands. We come up with an idea of object photography for advertising campaigns, catalogs, online stores, daily content at social networks, etc. A large and important part of stylist's work is communication with the customer.

a person holding a statue
How do we work?

First of all, we communicate with the customer to find out what their company would like to convey, how it wants to represent the product to the client, and what emotions should be evoked.

The the main task of the stylist is to come up with an easy-to-read idea and implement it.

Object photography forms the image of the brand, tells about its philosophy, about the product or service. At the same time stylists of our studio know how to come up with an interesting plot and implementation, how to assemble a beautiful image to solve the tasks.

Interior photography

Our team includes two professional interior stylists, whose projects are published in leading interior magazines.

The task of the interior stylist is to prepare the interior for the photo shoot for further publication of the project in the magazine or on the website. At the same time photos might be used for the designer's portfolio or real estate portals.

a person holding a paper
How do we work?

The connection with the audience should arise within a few seconds of viewing the photo. So the stylist uses a series of tricks. Some of them aren’t noticeable, which will allow you to feel the interior on an emotional level.

The stylist creates a concept and approves it with the designer. The coordination department makes an agreement with the suppliers to bring the decor and props to the place. Then the stylist decorates the object. After the photoshoot is done, all stuff will be brought back to the suppliers.

The stylist selects the details and create the image, so as the result,  you can feel a special atmosphere in the shot.Interior photography has its own rules. According to this rules, photographer and stylist have to create the associations and with their help to demonstrate the interior itself and make the viewer fall in love with this project.

In addition, we are the ones who invented the idea to create the  concept through collages. That allows the designer to see the image that the stylist wants to create and what items are going to be used before the shooting.This makes it much easier to create a well thought idea and to approve it for further realization.