Happy studio team posing together

We are happy!

There are no obstacles or limitations for Happy Studio team! We can find any interior object and solve any task. We’ll do shortly and with the great passion for our work.

Fedor Golov

Art director

Welcome to our encyclopedia of knowledge on design and technologies. If you need to come up with an idea for an advertising campaign or a visual for a poster, this is the place for you. We can even create a website for you by the deadline.

Valentin Proskurin

Art director

I can create concepts and visual styles for various projects, such as advertising campaigns, video clips, photo shoots, and even entire films. I have expertise in combining colors, shapes, textures, and fonts to create a unique image and convey the desired mood.

Anna Annenkova

Founder, decorator

Her valuable work experience (20+ years) and brilliant education help her easily solve all the tasks “For me true professionalism - is to work hard and to love for what you do. I grew up with creative people, my mom is an artist. So, I usually want to work with art and beauty. I love my team and I love watching working process.”

Ekaterina Moreva

Head of Moscow Office

I'm a real manager. My work and my team are my inspiration. It’s like a charger. From time to time i need to be with myself, just to find life-work balance. My work is not creative, but I love our industry. I find it amazing to communicate with partners!

Maria Marchenko

Designer, decorator Head of design department, Moscow

It’s cool when you have functional and beautiful things. Endless renovations in my life pushed me to choose design. I love exhibitions, travel a lot, I train my sense of style.The big advantage of decorator is to change the space around you quick and easy.

Anna Babenko

Head of Styling department, Moscow

Design is like an art: change the world around you and create something unique, After graduating from the University, I became an environmental designer. I found myself in a unique direction of design, stylization interiors. I’ve been working for more than 3 years with passion on all the projects. Inspiration for me is interconnection, architecture and human.

Parandzem Akopdzhanyan

Head of decorators for private projects, artist

I’m Pani. I'm an aesthete.I’m surrounded with beauty. For me love is everything beautiful and that what I do in Happy Studio. I am an artist. When I was three I already knew what profession I would choose. It wasn't easy, but I usually listen to my heart.

Viktoria Volchkova

Head of Happy Studio Dubai, interior stylist, decorator

Irina Miskevich

Interior stylist

Life is composed of small details, each of which should be beautiful and memorable. Aesthetics have been important to me since childhood. I enjoy decorating for holidays and transforming spaces with vases, flowers, textiles, and art, adding life and comfort.

Alina Ilyenko


Two years ago, I was working in marketing for a large international company, sure that this was my goal: a big office, rallies, presentations, and strategies. Then, mountains entered my life and I asked myself: what do I really want? That conversation was the start: one year of decorator training and here I am, in our Happy Family. My favorite phrase is "to my eyes, it's beautiful". I love when things are aesthetically pleasing, and I want everyone to be surrounded by beauty and aesthetics.

Olga Yarukhina

Project Coordinator

Working here helps me to grow my capabilities and confidence. Being surrounded by beautiful things contributes to my personality, style, and outlook.

We will be happy to create a dream project for you.